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The easiest solution to take your school to the next level

My Smart School is the easiest and complete system to manage the school better, make communication effortless and effective, improve student’s performances and  increase the efficiency of teachers. 


Alice is among the top 10 students of the school



John F has started a discussion on your assignment


School Open House meeting is on Friday at 10am 

Why Choose Us?

The feature-rich, yet friendly School App

A powerful solution to simplify the complexity of running a school. A friendly app that connects all core areas of the school, manages all records, analyze the data and gives important insights to greatly improve the performance of the students, teachers, and school in general.



Easy To Implement

It’s designed to implement in just one day, even if you have thousands of students.

Easy To Use

Anyone who knows how to use a smartphone can easily use our App, without any training.

No Investment

You don’t need to buy any extra hardware. It will work on your existing system.

Everything at your fingertips

Parents and teachers can get all information about a student in just few clicks… as easy as pie. 

Stay updated

Events, assignments, discussions, reports, attendance…  you will never miss anything that’s happening in the school.

No more paper works

It can completely replace the school diary, circulars and printed reports, thus significantly reducing the workload too.

The Practical Solution

A Simple App parents and teachers love to use

Unlike many other school apps, parents and teachers use and love our App. It significantly helps teachers and parents to become more efficient, save tons of time and keep everything on track. 




Connect, manage, analyze and grow!

Here’s the simplest yet sophisticated solution to get the schooling right. Now it’s your turn. It costs zero investment and takes only a couple hours to set up. And we are always here to support you!